ATM Studio is building-it-all small-start company. It was established at a garage in 2005, out of the anxiety of two subtitling geeks with nine years of experience in the field.


A combining of a relentless, pigheaded and less smart engineer that is just so into in building workstation computers, acoustic studios and learning recording gears, lastly this website. And a fastidious but lenient administration graduate with long translation experiences within Indonesian national private television channel, bringing an arsenal of her own trained translators.

Now, our small team company still comprises of geeks with strong attitudes in providing good and correct Bahasa Indonesia for the Industry. Because voice, what written, inflections, rhythm and general tone are different in Bahasa Indonesia.

We believe that a stronger command in Bahasa Indonesia should be at the utmost need in the industry. And our levels of languages, in tone and vocabulary should give depth and credibility to any contents.

About us




He basically is a technical and production person. Started his carrier as subtitler/translator for SCTV (www.sctv.co.id) in 1996, prior to his moving to PT. Central Policy for Agro Study (CPAS) as Web Content Editor in 2000. Then he was called to join PT. Media Televisi Indonesia (www.metrotvnews.com) in 2001. His professional responsibility for the company was to supervise their outsourcing subtitle clients.

What more unique is his educational background in Naval Architecture Engineering. A background which gave him a comprehensive "know-how" that serve his job well in building the company's workstation system, our acoustic studio and recording system, for the hardware and software.

Anna Vidiyah

Chief of Operational & Administration

Anna is former Supervisor for Subtitle and Dubbing Department at PT. Surya Citra Televisi, one of Indonesian leading private television network. And having successfully maintain her performance for almost 9 years on that position, before finally resigned from the company in 2005 to establish ATM Studio. Her executive responsibility for the network focused on reviewing the program, recruiting and training new subtitler to meet the work load. 


Recording & Mixing Level


Bahasa Indonesia Level


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Studio & Equipment Level


Subtitle Experience Level


Dubbing & VO Experience Level



Our Facilities & Activities

From Class-A preamp to The VRM Microphone

AUDIO. Our office is located in a nice, quiet and contemporary kampung. It is situated in aesthetically pleasing post production spaces, designed to provide a simple but flexible environment for recording voice audio. It houses our own designed equipment & gears chain, from the Class-A Preamp outboard gears, in the box Burr-Brown converter, to the new industry in voice recording VRM modelling microphone such as TownsendLab Sphere L22, all in acoustically well treated studios. While all of our studios are certified to have silent characteristic of under -20 dB reverberance level.



LOCALISATION. Our subtitle department is equipped with the latest subtitle preparation software such as EZTitles with its Premiere CC plugin, combined with our own design video editing and DAW system using Pro Tools 12. Yes, we are master in providing and designing our system for our need. We built most of them from the ground up.