Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find help with the most common questions about our company and our services.


No. We focus in providing multimedia localization services only, which often involves Subtitling, script creation and translation, Dubbing, Voiceover recording and syncing, Animation/graphics processing and adaptation, Video production, Testing and quality assurance.

Yes, but it is in limited output and limited languages. We can cover France, German, Korean, Mandarin, Rusia and Italy. And it's in vice versa.  But surely, you will get the juice out of our quality with Bahasa Indonesia.

Bahasa Indonesia Subtitling and Lipsync Dubbing are at the utmost, since our company grew from the business. But for the past 6 years, we have developed new expertises in Audio & Video Production. Such as Voice Over,  TVC & IVR, Audiobook, E-learning Application Video Shoot, Text To Speech. That should be quiet a list.

Our clients are a nice, friendly mix of Corporation, television network, small businesses, independent artists, or voice recording studios. We work with all kinds of clients world-wide.

Definitely no. We still believe in people. Though we've also been developing our own tool inside the software we use, using simple Regular Expression basic, to make our translation quality control process faster and more precise.

Great question but tough answer. We're a modestly sized studio, but our core relationship with the Indonesian voice talents and professional individual is vast and long to comfortably tackling big projects. We do it all the time. Let's chat and see if we're a fit!

We have a team of freelancer translators, currently up to 40 freelancers. We have 2 in-house translators for urgent projects, and 5 dedicated Final Reviewers for the translation quality control. But we believe we have enough in-house translators to cover all the language combinations you offer.

It's 250 hours per month, with 3-5 days turnaround times for subtitling project. And it's 60-80 hours per month, and 7 days of turnaround times for Dubbing. While it can be 1-2 days for other project such as Voice-over, IVR, TVC and gaming voice localization.

Yes. In fact, two of our studios has been certified and used for the similar exact project. And we always improve our studio and gears. From the studio acoustic, microphone, Preamp to outboard gears. and all of our studios are professionally acoustic treated.

For ATM, our staff's well-being is most important. We keep our duration at the normal office hour of 09.00 AM to 18.00 PM. But we do understand that we serve clients around the world, with time differences, so we keep our connection open for emails or messages for 18 hours daily. Also, as client, we will provide you with individual access to our Material Tracking System so you know your project progress.

We guarantees that no trade secrets are revealed. ATM Studio is of course willing to enter a Confidentiality Agreement. As for your project material and files, we host our offline cloud/NAS base storage in the office. The access is secured using individual login and password. For the online system we have our unlimited cloud base storage system using our hosting provider and Google Cloud system.

No. We only operate in one office, which is our own office and hold our own 4 studios for any project, small or big. We will only work with individual or freelancer, should we need them on bigger project or specific projects.

Distribution & Payment

For Subtitling project, we can provide you with many subtitle standard formats, such as SRT, .PAC, .890, .VTT, .DFXP, . XML, .TTML (Netflix Timed Text). As for Dubbing and other audio production service, we can provide WAV format or we can send you our Pro Tools Project session format file of .PTF. And for video production service, we can accept and send you QuickTime, AVI, MXF, H264 or DCP file format.

This is what we consider to be very confidential for us. But you can help us by giving your project's requirement, a short sample is most desirable, and an indication of the quantity, we can give you a quick estimate. So the next step is to get in touch with us.

Usually we like to charge on per 23 minutes base or per minute base. But we prefer to operate on a flat-rate basis. It keeps your budget in check and surprises to a minimum. That is also where our slogan of "A MAKE SENSE INDONESIAN LOCALIZATION" come from.

Easy! Just share us on the personality and expectations of the project. We have quiet an arsenal of voice samples from our previous Text To Speech casting project for years. We can share the complete voice sample link to you to check them and then pick one of them. Or we can either recommend the right one(s) for your project or hold a casting session for you or your team.

Yes, sure you can. And no, it's not free. If you feel it is necessary for you to hear and feel the real casting, we can setup a short duration sample for you. It won't be free though, but we will push the budget as lowest as possible. You will only need to pay for talent fees, which is only around 25% of the real project. Just to motivate them to come and play into our studios.

Sure. In fact, we encourage our client to do so. Don't worry, it will be easy to reach the office, since we are (maybe) the most reachable Indonesian Localization Company from the airport.