What We Can Do?

Indonesian Localization & Audio Production

Need professional quality broadcast overdubbing/subtitle for Indonesian market? Indonesia is a nation of unique community and custom with it's own culture. Have your content reach them creatively, proportionally, and yet friendlier? ATM Studio can help to turn that old, often undeliberately false video/audio content localization into a high profile but immensely closer to Indonesian public.

  • Text Time Base Synchronization

  • Subtitling & Closed Captions

  • Translation and adaptation

  • Editing

  • Proofreading

  • Trans-creation and Creative Writing

  • Game Specific Content Localization

  • Asset management, pre-production and script adaptation

Audio Production
  • Dubbing & Voice Recording

  • Voice-Over & Commercials

  • ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) for Video Production

  • Game Voice Localization & Recording

  • Audio Description, Narration & Audiobook

  • Text To Speech Voice Recording, such as Google (Voice) Assistant

  • Original language audio production

  • Jingles, Sound design and music

  • Post-production, voice EFX, audio QA

  • Audio Editing, M&E, and Mixing 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1

  • Audio Synchronization

Multimedia Solution
  • Video Shoot for E-Learning Content & App (Involves green screen)

  • Subtitle Quality Control & Quality Assurance

  • Casting and talent management services

  • Localization engineering services & Process Consultancy

  • English Audio Content Transcription